Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

Saturday June 8| 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm

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Tickets $45 for all the experience

Tickets $10 for a single tequilero

 Choose from 15 traditionally handcrafted tequilas from Jalisco, Mexico. 
  • Coa Silver and Reposado
  • Chinaco blanco and reposada
  • Pasote reposado, blanco, anejo
  • Riazul plata, anejo, reposado
  • Chamucos reposado,  blanco
  • Casamigos reposado, blanco, anejo

See if you can distinguish the subtle variations in coloring and flavor profiles between these artisanal tequilas.
You want to sip small amounts very slowly, letting the spirit cover your entire tongue. It helps to lightly suck in a little air when tasting.
Tequila is more than a beverage. It is a region, a village, a culture, and a history.



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